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Dental Crown Cost

What Does a Dental Crown Cost?

If you’re looking for a permanent or temporary crown in St. Marys, one of the questions you may have is “what does a dental crown cost? To be completely honest, there is no simple answer. While this would be nice, in many cases you would be glad there isn’t a set price--you may find you have a less expensive case.


First, the cost of the procedure depends on if you are getting a permanent or temporary crown In St.Marys. Additionally, it may cost more if you need one on an emergency basis versus getting one at a standard, scheduled appointment.


You will visit your dentist and he or she can look over the tooth and determine exactly what is needed. The dentist will take note of the extent of the damage and which tooth is in need of a new crown. Using this information plus details regarding your dental history, the dentist can give you a better idea of cost. You can usually get a written estimate on the price, if you wanted to get a second opinion too.


While you may be a little overwhelmed with the idea of spending a lot on a major dental procedure, remember that it can actually save you money to take care of a problem now--instead of waiting for it to get worse. A tooth that is allowed to go unfixed can break or decay which could lead to more significant dental work or even cause you to lose the tooth altogether. If coming up with the funding up front difficult, realize than many dentists will take credit or will work with you to put together a payment plan. You and the dentist both have the same ultimate goal--to ensure you have a pain free and healthy teeth quickly and easily.