IV Sedation

IV or twilight Sedation – What St Marys Patients Can Expect

Is the fear of the dentist or anxiety preventing you from getting much needed dental treatment? We provide twilight sedation or IV sedation at our St Marys dental clinic that will enable you to relax in the dentist’s chair and receive dental treatment. Best of all, you probably won’t remember much about it.

What is Intravenous (IV) Sedation?

IV sedation involves using a form of medical sedative delivered into a vein via a thin plastic tube in one of your arms or the back of a hand. It’s intended to help patients relax during their treatment. You will remain awake and able to respond to basic instructions from your dentist.

If you are undergoing a treatment such as a tooth filling that needs a local anaesthetic, our sedation dentist gives the anaesthetic to St Marys patients, once the sedation has taken effect.

You are likely to feel a little groggy once the treatment is over which is why we ask that you bring a family member or friend with you who can help you get home and stay with you while you recover. The effects of IV sedation can last for up to 12 hours.

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If you’re afraid of getting dental treatment then we’re here to help. Contact SNK Dental Clinic to learn more about IV sedation dentistry in St Marys or to call us at (02) 9158 6312 to book an appointment .

I have been going to this dentist for quite a while now. They are very professional & friendly staff.
I feel confident when I walk in, even thou no one likes, going to the dentist I use to be one of them.
Now I can always reassure myself that I’ll walk out smiling & to take better care of my teeth’s.

Thank you SNK Dental Clinic 😁

rosalyn willie

I am a fairly new customer to SNK but will continue to return as the staff are absolutely lovely and the service is fantastic. They are upfront about potential costs prior to service which are very reasonable. The dentist is very gentle and ensures you’re comfortable and not in the seat any longer than you need to be.


The Best dental care I have ever experienced! Dr.Naseem was professional, friendly and courteous. He explained all my options and made sure that I understood the procedure beforehand. I’ve had bad experiences with dentist treatments in the past but I’m so relieved to have come here. Thank you for being so patient and kind in my time of need. I was in good hands and cared for by Dr Naseem and his lovely receptionist. My family dentist from now and I will highly recommend. Thank you again.



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