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Root Canal Treatment

Top Five Reasons You Need an Emergency Dentist

Did you realize that there are emergency dentists who can help you with dental problems anytime day or night? If you are suffering through serious dental pain or have a significant dental problem an emergency dentist can be a lifesaver. This can help you get back to feeling your best quickly and may even protect your future dental health. Here are five top reasons you may need to see an emergency dentist.


  • Root Canal Treatment - A root canal treatment is needed to repair a tooth that is damaged in the roots. This can happen due to an accident or as the result of long-term decay. The need for this treatment can come on at anytime and being able to get assistance in an emergency is important.

  • Unexplained Pain - If you have pain that you can’t quite explain or that you don’t know where it came from, visiting an emergency dentist is important. He or she can diagnose the problem and help get you back to feeling your best quickly.

  • Broken Tooth - A broken tooth can occur naturally or because you bite on something too hard. Additionally, it could occur from an accident. Getting it repaired quickly can prevent ongoing pain and may protect you from additional damage.

  • Lost Tooth - The only people who enjoy losing teeth area children. As an adult, losing a tooth is not usually desirable. Having a tooth knocked out is no fun. For the best chance of repair or to find out your options quickly you may wish to visit an emergency dentist.

  • Damaged Dentures - Problems with dentures can be painful and cause difficulty with eating and talking. You do not want to wait for an appointment if it is going to be several days or weeks out. That’s when a fast visit to an emergency dentist is in order.