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Temporary Tooth Filling

How a Temporary Tooth Filling Can Help You Feel Your Best

If you have a major cavity or other problems with your teeth, your dentist may need to complete a root canal or perhaps you will need to schedule dental surgery. This is what it takes to fix the problem from the inside out and help you go on with your life with healthy, repaired teeth. But, what can you do in the meantime? Will you have to suffer through the pain and annoyance of a hole in your tooth? It can be impossible to enjoy your favorite foods and beverages and you may even feel self confident about the tooth since it can cause you to look different when you smile or talk.


There are other solutions. In most cases, a temporary tooth filling may be the ideal way to deal with a cavity while you wait for your treatment. A temporary filling will help reduce the pain you experience from the cavity, plus it can keep food and other debris from getting into the cavity and causing you additional damage. These are fast and easy.


For many, the cavity filling cost is well worth it. A temporary filling costs less than a standard filling as it simply provides a short term solution, rather than being something that needs to last for years and years. If you don’t think you can live with your current dental situation, contact your dentist and find out what he recommends. It could be that the temporary tooth filling is a good solution.